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Hello dear seeker, are you new to HOTR Enugu (Word House), or perhaps you've been around for some time now, but you are yet to get the hang of things, and want to know more about HOTR Enugu, and also know how things are done here. That's ok, knowing how things are done will help you fit in properly, and feel more at home.

For a member to be fully recognized and identified in HOTR Enugu, one must atleast join and function regularly in a department in the Church. This way, the member can be accountable to his/her department leader, who inturn, is accountable to the church authority.

When a member is to be wedded, dedicate a child, or any other event, the member must be identified by his or her PCU/CITH (Pastoral Care Unit / Church In The Home) leader where such a member is an active participant.

To rise to any leadership level, or hold any position in church, one must attend the Word House Academy, where you learn more about the church, the Bible, grow spiritually, learn about the gifts of the spirit, and speaking in other tongues. You are also given basic teachings that prepare you towards being a worker in church, and taught how to serve effectively in any department or post you find yourself.

Here, we will give you brief explanation about the various groups, departments, units and PCU's(Pastoral Care Unit) that one can identify with.



This department is made up of members who dedicate their time and resources to reaching out and winnig souls for the kingdom of Christ.

Sight And Sound

This department is incharge of the video and sound systems, which comprises of video recording and sound recording, video and sound production, etc.


This departmetent works in tandem with the sight and sound department.


This department is made up electrical engineers and technicians.

House Keeping

This department is saddled with the task of keeping the church auditorium and its environments clean.

Follow Up

This department is entrusted with the duty of making sure that new members are tracked and cared for by calling them, messasging them, visiting them, etc.

City Of David

This is the church music group, made up of singers and instrumentalists.

Social Media

This department is reponsible for the church's social media presence.


This department ensures that members are controlled.


This department ensures that members are organized during services.

Pastoral Care

This department takes care of the pastors and their welfare.


This is the drama group of the church.


This department is made up of dancers and choreographers. They mostly perform during special occations.


The church's security arm. Made up of security experts, and members who have any form of knowledge or experience in security operations.

Data Management

This department is made up of graphics designers, database managers, software and app developers, photographers etc. Their primary duty is to gather and manage data for the church. They also manage the church website and it's adjoining suite of softwares.

Rock Clinic

This is the medical arm of the church. They are open for consultations, especially on sundays.


The soul winning arm of the church.


The prayer group of the church. Made up of prayer warriors and members who are called to minister in prayers.

Rock News

The news arm of the church. Saddled with the responsibility of bringing the news of latest events and happenings both in church and in the world in general.
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1. GRA-1. Mr. Obinna Ekwom. 1B, Abakaliki Crescent, GRA. Pst. Okey Okechukwu (08039759708).
2. INDEPENDENCE LAYOUT 1. Mr. Amara Akamike 15 Hillview Street, Ind. Layout. Min. Kolawale Adegbulugbe (08094959155).
3. TRANS-EKULU. Pst. Emeka Okonkwo (08035909711). 2, Dental Avenue, Trans-Ekulu. Mr. Frank Akumabor (08139580701).
4. HOTR ChURCH. CHURCH. MSP Busstop, Nkpokiti, Presidential. Min. Buchi Ezedum (08033092825).
5. NEW HEAVEN. Engr. Benard Njokwu. 14, Uduma Street, New Heaven. Min. Osita Ezinne (08037527753)
6. UGWUAJI AXIS. Mr. Babatunde 2nd Methodist Church, Ugwuaji. Mr. Chukwuma (08064671963)

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